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We always offer walk-ups! If you can't decide which boat you want right now, just come on down to the dock and we'll get you paddling in no time!

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What to bring

We require each of these before you hit the water, no exceptions! We have cubbies on-site for items like shoes, clothes, and towels and offer a variety of water-resistant storage bags for rent and purchase. Please note, we don’t have secured storage for valuables.







(provided at dock)


Rule number one, obviously, is to have fun.
Alas, there are a few more things to know before you paddle.


Do I need a reservation to rent a canoe?

Nope. There’s a first come, first serve policy at Rowing Dock, but we have plenty of boats. If there is a line, it moves quickly.

Are canoes safe for beginners?

Canoeing in Austin is safe for experienced paddlers as well as beginners. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of making turns and maneuvering a canoe. We use high quality equipment that’s well maintained for enhanced comfort and safety while you’re out on the water.

Can kids rent their own canoe?

Yes, under most circumstances kids can rent their own canoe as long as a guardian signs the rental waiver, but they would need to bring two additional guests to balance the weight. However, kids under 13 years old must ride with a parent/ guardian in their canoe. For kids in this age range, we would recommend renting a kayak, as they are easier to navigate.

How many people can go in a canoe?

A canoe can fit three adults or 2 adults and 1-2 small kids depending on their size.

What should I bring while canoeing in Austin?

At Rowing Dock we provide life jackets and paddles, but there are a few things we highly recommend taking on your canoeing trip on Lady Bird Lake. While we sell sunscreen, water, and hats at the dock, you are welcome to bring your own. Canoeing down Lady Bird Lake provides a lot of opportunities for amazing pictures of the Austin skyline, Barton Springs, Congress Bridge and much more. If you need, we have dry bags at the dock to keep your cameras and smartphones protected.