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We always offer walk-ups! If you can't decide which boat you want right now, just come on down to the dock and we'll get you paddling in no time!

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What to bring

We require each of these before you hit the water, no exceptions! We have cubbies on-site for items like shoes, clothes, and towels and offer a variety of water-resistant storage bags for rent and purchase. Please note, we don’t have secured storage for valuables.







(provided at dock)


Rule number one, obviously, is to have fun.
Alas, there are a few more things to know before you paddle.

Pedal Kayak Rentals FAQ

How is a pedal kayak different than a regular kayak rental?

Customers use their legs to navigate through the water, instead of using their arms to paddle. This is a great option for people who want to be hands-free and get in a nice leg workout.

Are pedal kayaks safe?

Pedal kayaks are safe and easy to use for people of all skill sets.

Do you have to be a certain height to rent a pedal kayak?

We recommend that renters are 5 ft tall or more in order to safely use a pedal kayak.

Is a reservation required to rent a pedal kayak?

No, at this time - you can rent pedal kayaks by walking up. We are not taking reservations.

What is the longest time I can be on the water in a pedal kayak?

At this time, you can rent a pedal kayak for as long as you desire. Due to our limited quantity, we want to ensure as many people have the opportunity to experience our pedal kayaks as possible - therefore we do not have an all-day rate.

Can kids rent pedal kayaks?

We do not recommend pedal kayaks for kids under 5 ft tall.

Are dogs allowed on pedal kayaks?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on pedal kayaks.Dogs and other pets are permitted on single/double kayaks, canoes and SUPs. Please note, given the history of poisonous toxins found in the blue-green algae in Lady Bird Lake, if you decide to bring your pet, you are doing so at your own risk. While there were no toxins found in the latest sampling of the algae (Oct, 2020), the City of Austin is still recommending that all pet owners do not let their pets/dogs swim or drink the water in Lady Bird Lake.All pet owners will be asked to sign a pet waiver that details the history of the algae and the current status. For reference, our pet waiver is here.To learn more about the history of toxic algae in Lady Bird Lake, please visit:

How many people can fit in a pedal kayak?

Pedal kayaks can only accomodate one person. If you would like to paddle with a partner, we recommend a double kayak or a canoe.