Guided Tours

Guided Tours

$45 per person | Weekly tours available beginning in June
For private tours, please reach out to

What could be better than learning from a local while getting out on the water? Fact is, if you’re looking for a new way to tour Austin, our weekly guided paddles are the way to go! All of our tours are led by our experienced and highly entertaining guides. Take a peek at the various options below and embark on the adventure that strikes your fancy!

Tour Options

Offered weekdays and weekends June - October  | 3 person minimum 

'Round Red Bud Isle - Guided Tour

This 3-mile hyper-natural tour heads west, away from the city, and around Austin’s Red Bud Isle and back. The scenery features limestone bluffs, greenery and wildlife everywhere you look! We’ll take you to the city's magical Secret Spring, where you’ll discover a natural spring and oasis that is relatively undiscovered, even by many locals. Your guide will share a historical perspective on the greater Colorado River and the immense watershed that Lady Bird Lake is a part of. Photo by Tyler Fox.

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Offered weekdays and weekends June - October | 3 person minimum for tours 

Guided Tour - Journey to the Springs

At 3 miles round trip, this urban guided historical and eco tour is the perfect way to get to know Austin from all perspectives. As we paddle East toward Downtown Austin, you’ll learn about the last 400 years of history on this stretch of the Colorado River. On our return journey, we'll explore the clear waters of Barton Creek, highlighting an abundance of plants, wildlife and fish that reside in the fourth largest concentration of natural springs in Texas. Weather and time permitting: an optional dip in Barton Springs (the 68-degree water that Austin is so famous for)!

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Every Saturday and Sunday June - September

Guided Bat Tour

On our incredibly popular seasonal tour, you’ll paddle two miles to the famous Congress Avenue Bridge and get a picture-perfect view of over 1.5 million bats flying overhead. The 4-mile round-trip paddle is accompanied by one of our excellent guides who will teach you about the history and migration of the Mexican Free-Tailed Bats.

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Guaranteed reservation and equipment

Expedited check-in process

Dedicated dock attendant and guides throughout experience

Free splash bag rentals

Complimentary water or Gatorade per person (it’s important to hydrate y’all)!

Shared use of our picnic area for those into snacks and things

20% off merch


2.5 – 3.5 hour experience depending on tour



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Looking for a private guided tour?

You must have a party of six or more to book a private guided tour. Please inquire at least one week prior to your desired guided tour reservation.

Request a reservation

What to bring

We require each of these before you hit the water, no exceptions – but keep in mind our dock doesn’t have secured storage for additional items.


Photo ID


Matching Credit Card


Rental Waiver

(provided at dock)


Rule number one, obviously, is to have fun.
Alas, there are a few more things to know before you paddle.

Guided Paddle FAQs

Can my group show up without a reservation if we have 10 people or less for a guided paddle?

No, all guided tours/paddles require a reservation. You can make a reservation for a guided paddle for groups of 2 or more.

If I book a guided paddle, what is included?

There are several perks to booking a guided paddle, including but not limited to guaranteed reservation and equipment, an expedited check-in process, dedicated dock attendants and guides throughout experience, free splash bag rentals, complimentary water or Gatorade per person (it’s important to hydrate y’all)!, shared use of our picnic area for those into snacks and things and 20% off merch.

How long can we use the picnic area and how many people do the tables hold?

You can use the picnic area for the duration of your event. Depending on your group's size, our tables can fit up to 40 if you are the only group that has an event for that day. We will have it prepped and ready for your arrival.

Can I reschedule my guided paddle if something comes up?

To reschedule your outing at no additional charge, a written request must be received at least 1 business day prior to your final payment date.

What happens if people in my party are running late?

Group paddle schedules are strictly adhered to. Hosts must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your event to meet with your dedicated attendant. Rowing Dock is not responsible for late arrivals or late starting times. Your paddle ending time will not be adjusted to accommodate late guests. Encourage your guests to arrive early.

What happens if the weather looks bad for my upcoming reservation or the experience is cancelled due to weather?

Texas weather is consistently dry and hot with very mild winter conditions. Rowing Dock considers the following conditions acceptable for paddling: Temperatures above 50 degrees, winds below 17mph, light rain, overcast skies and high waters with a flow rate below 4000 CFS. In the event of inclement weather, you may reschedule your outing 48 hours prior to the outing at no additional cost. If you are unable to reschedule your event or if Rowing Dock cancels your event due to inclement weather, you will receive a full refund minus a 10% guided paddle staff retainer fee.

What type of guided paddles do you offer?

We provide three tour options - our guided bat tour (seasonally), our 'Journey to the Springs' guided tour, and our 'Round Red Bud Isle guided tour.

How long are guided paddles?

Our typical guided paddles are about 2.5 hours. But, for our bat paddles, the bats dictate our timing so plan to be on the water anywhere between two and three hours.

How many people can join a guided tour?

We can accommodate groups of all sizes. We recommend groups of 2-12, however, we can add additional guides to accommodate larger groups.

Is there a minimum age you have to be to go on a guided paddle?

All ages are welcome. If your group is taking out SUPs, children under the age of 16 are required to have a parent or guardian on the water with them. For kayaks and canoes, children under the age of 13 are required to have a parent or guardian on the water.

Can you bring your pets on a guided paddle?

We do not advise bringing pets on a guided tour.

What kind of wildlife can I expect to see on your eco and historical tour?

The animals really dictate things, but there is a high likelihood you'll see turtles, ducks, a variety of different types of birds and potentially snakes. You might also see schools of fish and/or fish jumping from the water.

Can i book a guided tour if I have less than six people?

Yes, you can book a guided tour if you have 2+ people.

Can people take different boats out for guided paddles?

Yes, but we do recommend renting the same boat if you'd like to all travel at the same speed.