The Rowing Dock Team Gratitude Journal

During our closure in April, our team was struggling to find ways to connect with one another digitally. So, we started a gratitude journal. Our hope is to continue sharing pieces of our lives both in and outside of Rowing Dock as a way to appreciate the small things in life that bring all of us joy. 

We hope everyone enjoys this series of photos and commentary from several of our staff members  



I’m super thankful I can still hang out with a couple of my sunshine pals and that the sun is nice and bright today! – Lindsay

I am grateful that 2 of my succulents are blooming/growing! – Amber

Hey y’all, few things I’m grateful for and one is working for this company! I truly appreciate the ways we are trying to support each other during these times! My joy of the day was going to the dock to dance, yes dance so I apologize for the rain we are about to receive. Also grateful for the ability to work from home on the new bakery and appreciate all the love and support I’ve received from y’all! It’s a beautiful day, go sit outside and read a book. – Kimmie

I am thankful for my Xbox. Without it I’m not sure what I would be doing in this difficult time. Besides my Xbox I am seriously thankful for all the medical workers, food delivery workers, grocery store workers, and all other essential workers who are keeping our country going right now. – Joshua

Hey guys! I’m thankful y’all are safe and well! I’m also thankful for great company, cold beer, thunder storms, and Texas hill country! – Braden

Good morning all!  It’s Saturday and my day to catch up.  First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful to Lindsay, Kate, and Amber, who have been working so hard to support Rowing Dock and our Austin community these past few weeks.  I want you all to know that even though we are not seeing customers, those three are hard at work on initiatives that will enable us to hit the ground running when we reopen.  This past week alone, they’ve been working nonstop on a project that makes me so proud, as its designed to provide funds to a group of small Austin businesses that are struggling to pay their employees.  More on that to come, but know that you will have a role to play when the time comes…


On a more personal note, I am grateful for the weekend and the sound of the gusty winds and soft rain against my windows… nature’s gifts that make it easier to stay inside.  I intend to stay in my pjs all day and remain sequestered in my living room with a good book I’ve just started. – Susan

I’m grateful for being forced to slow down and appreciate mother nature. I’m grateful for 4-wheeler rides along a mucky path and for the ability to slow down enough to notice and appreciate the mud splattering on my legs and arms. For someone who has a bit of a germ phobia and likes things pretty tidy… I sure do love dirt/earth etc. 

I’m grateful for the sounds of the birds, the crickets, and my husband fishing at the pond. – Lindsay

I am grateful to be quarantined in San Francisco, where I can find a little bit of mental escape, with daily walks filled with sunshine and flowers. I am also so grateful for our team, for always showing up even when they can’t be there physically. 🙂 – Kate

Having to stay home has allowed me to spend more time doing something I love, which is camping and reading! I set up my tent in my backyard near our pasture in the back and it has been so peaceful and fun! – Kayla

I am grateful for this dumb quiz that has provided discussion and entertainment between my friends and me for the past few hours! https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/characters/ -Mia

Today I am grateful for the few hours of no rain, Taco Deli, and the Greenbelt. A good combination that starts any day off right. – Ben


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