Happening Moonlight Paddle

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Participating in this event will be just like our daytime rentals which are on a first come, first serve basis. (don’t worry, we have a ton of boats) All you have to do is show up at our dock in Zilker Park. Bring a valid photo ID, credit card, and fill out a rental waiver at the dock. Pick your boat, put on a life jacket and hit the water.

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What to bring

We require each of these before you hit the water, no exceptions – but keep in mind our dock doesn’t have secured storage for additional items.


Photo Id


Matching Credit Card


Rental Waiver

(provided at dock)


Rule Number One, obviously, is to have fun. Alas, there are a few more things to know before you row.

Moonlight Paddle FAQs

Is it guaranteed that I will see the Full Moon on the Moonlight Paddle?

We try our best to choose times where the Full Moon will be visible and high in the sky, but it is not guaranteed. If there are extenuating weather circumstances (overcast, fog, etc.), we cannot guarantee the best visibility of the moon.

Do I need to wear my life jacket?

We do require life jackets to be worn during after-hours events, which the Moonlight Paddle falls under.

Will the Moonlight paddle be the same day and time every month?

The Moonlight paddle timeframes change based on the season and timing for when the moon typically rises.

Will we be provided with bug spray?

While there is a possibility for mosquito bites during the summer Moonlight Paddles, we do not provide bug spray. We highly recommend coming prepared with a bottle.